Are Sweatpants Supposed to Be Baggy

Are Sweatpants Supposed to Be Baggy?

Fashion trends come and go, often in the blink of an eye. Some people become slaves to these fashion trends and rush out to get the latest outfits the second they hit the streets. Others are far less concerned about nor affected by the latest fashion trends and are quite happy with their tested and trusted style. Among the latest fashion trends, today is sporting the good, old baggy sweatpants.

However, it might make you wonder: are sweatpants supposed to be baggy? While there are trends and personal preferences, when it comes to fashion there are no rules. If there are, they are there to be broken. Sure, there are strong guidelines, particularly when it comes to formal wear, but in reality, fashion is just another way to showcase our personalities and express ourselves.

Apart from patronizing the latest in fashion, comfort is also extremely important. Many fashionistas are prepared to sacrifice comfort for fashion; one just has to look at the height of the heels some women force themselves into wearing to realize that people are indeed willing to sacrifice comfort-ability for the style.

Unless you are a famous actor or rock star, you want to be comfortable in your clothes. In fact, as the paparazzi often show us, even celebs are often seen sporting comfy and somewhat scruffy attire.

So, what is the real story with sweatpants? Are sweatpants supposed to be baggy? Is it acceptable to wear them outside the gym or the house? The fashion industry would have us think so. The recent Fall 2017 menswear shows featured the look quite prominently, if that is anything to go by, which it is for many, then yes, they are indeed acceptable. Some may even go as far as to consider it high fashion. The gangster look has been in fashion for some time in various guises, and perhaps this is an offshoot of that.

That is not to say your pair of stretched out, stained, baggy sweatpants that you wear while watching the game with a beer and a pizza is going to work. There is a lot more to it than that. The trend is not just for men; baggy sweatpants are a big hit with the ladies too.

A number of A-list female celebrities have been recently spotted sporting baggy sweatpants, including Eva Longoria, Jennifer Lopez, Taylor Swift, Kourtney Kardashian, Selena Gomez and Rihanna to name just a few. Obviously, theirs are designer labels with prices far out of the reach of most of us mere mortals. But fashion they are nonetheless.

If these famous stars can pull them off, there is absolutely no reason why we can’t. We just have to shop around a bit more carefully and meticulously to find respectable baggy sweatpants that won’t break the bank.

Fortunately, thanks to the fact that it is a growing fashion trend, the stores are full of them. You are, however, more likely to find what you are looking for online and probably at a much better price. Just hit that browser.

So no longer just for the gym or in front of the TV, baggy sweatpants can now make a profound fashion statement, and the best part is, they are extremely comfortable. What could be better? The idea, of course, is that if you want to wear them as a fashion statement, don’t get them all sweaty. It is always wise to have a separate pair of sweatpants dedicated solely for exercise.

There are a few simple tricks to getting the look right; not all sweatpants are created equal. Here are some tips to keep in mind when trying to pull off the baggy sweatpants look.

How to Best Wear a Pair Of Baggy Sweatpants

Choose the Right Fabric

The fabric is all important, and you would want to choose wisely. Wool is generally the best material for baggy sweatpants but anything that looks and feels good and retains its shape, albeit a baggy shape, is also okay. Try different fabric options to see which look good while still feeling comfortable.

You will also have to consider the color and pattern of the fabric. Loud, busy designs are hard to pull off especially with the wrong tops.

Balance the Outfit

A good pair of baggy sweatpants will just make you look lazy and scruffy if you simply add a creased t-shirt to complete your look. Dress it up a bit, within reason, so that the rest of your clothing complements the sweatpants.

Select Your Shoes Wisely

Your shoe choice can instantly make or break the look of the baggy sweatpants. Check out some pictures online and experiment with a few styles to find what works best for you. Again, a pair of flip-flops might make it look as if you are just making no effort.

Are Sweatpants Supposed to Be Baggy: The Conclusion

Sweatpants were invented to be a comfortable piece of clothing for both men and women. For this reason, many people prefer to have it made baggy as it brings more comfort compared to skinny ones. On the other hand, some may find it easier to pull off sweatpants that are not too baggy nor skinny but just the right fit.

Baggy sweatpants are perfect for those laid-back days when you just want to hang out in your house or at your friend’s. It is definitely not something that is acceptable to be worn at the office or other formal occasions. You can also sport baggy sweatpants as your go-to gym clothes, just make sure that it is not too baggy that it becomes a struggle to do your exercise routines.

Additionally, as with many fashion trends that have come and gone throughout the years, you have to remember that wearing baggy sweatpants simply does not work for everybody. One has to take into consideration their height, build, and body shape in order to pull off wearing baggy sweatpants as a fashion statement.

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