Champion Men’s Closed Bottom Lightweight Jersey Sweatpants Review

Champion Men’s Closed Bottom Lightweight Jersey Sweatpants Review

Wherever you go, you are likely to see at least one person wearing sweatpants. They’re not necessarily in the midst of an exercise routine – there are many who wear sweatpants out while doing casual day-to-day activities, like grabbing breakfast or doing their weekly grocery shopping with the conscious decision to prioritize comfort over fashion. Gone are the days when sweatpants looked hideous and were only associated with perspiration.

No matter what you do in your sweatpants, there is no doubt that they are one of the most comfortable and versatile things to wear. So naturally, we would like to find out which among the many options in the market is the best of the best.

Here are our thoughts on the Champion Men’s Closed Bottom Lightweight Jersey Sweatpants. Champion is quite a popular brand, and they deliver only the best quality sports products. Their Closed Bottom Sweatpants are supposed to be one of the best, made from lightweight and comfortable material that makes them perfect for either casual or athletic use.

Product Description of the Champion Men’s Closed Bottom Lightweight Jersey Sweatpants

  • Lightweight, comfortable cotton jersey fabric
  • Athletic fit for comfort
  • Sport ComfortTM waistband
  • Relaxed elastic bottom band
  • Authentic closure
  • Machine washable
  • Available in different colors and fabric blends
  • Black & navy – 100% cotton; Oxford Grey – 90% cotton/10% black polyester; Granite – 60% cotton/40% polyester

In order to write the best, most accurate review on Champion’s sweatpants, I purchased three pairs. I kept one and gave two to my friends – let’s call them F1 and F2. I told them to wear their pair for a few days and take note of the things they liked and disliked about them, and to give me their opinions on the garment when done.

F1 and I both like to go for a run every morning (in fact, we often run together), so that’s what we primarily use the sweatpants for. F2, on the other hand, lives a sedentary lifestyle so he’s mostly just lounging around when he’s not at work.

All three of us like the fact that the Champion Closed Bottom Sweatpants are made from a lightweight fabric that is comfortable to wear anytime, anywhere. We are in the middle of summer and we can’t bear to wear anything thicker than this material. It’s great that it doesn’t make you so warm that it causes unnecessary discomfort and perspiration. Even when F1 and I are on our daily run, we don’t feel like we’re wearing sweatpants because they don’t have that baggy, flappy feeling you get from other pants.

F2 has remarked that he likes the elastic waistband. F1 and I agree, as the drawstring is an effective way to adjust the fit of the waistband for maximum comfort. However, the stitching on mine ripped just a week in. I am pretty disappointed about this because up until this point I really liked what they had to offer. I’m not sure what happened. We all made sure we were careful and not too rough with the sweatpants, simply treating them like we would our regular clothes to give them a fair trial.

Meanwhile, I love the pockets of the sweatpants. We all agree that the pockets are deep enough to hold anything we put in there. F2 likes to put his car keys, phone, and wallet in there as he usually drives around in the evenings, while I like to put my house keys in my pocket during runs. Not once did my keys fall out of the pockets even as my runs with F1 got intense.

They’re easy to clean because they’re machine-washable. Since F1 and I go for a run every day, we wash ours more often than F2 does. F2 washes his pair every two uses, and then would go for a day without wearing it. I suspect that the daily machine-washing was the reason that my waistband gave out so easily. It’s a shame, since I really liked these sweatpants. They’re so comfortable and have a relaxed fit, and are stylish enough to be worn anywhere.


  • Thin, lightweight, and comfortable material
  • Machine washable
  • Stands up to hot and humid environments
  • Nice adjustable elastic waistband
  • Great fit
  • Deep pockets for holding your stuff
  • Can be worn for sports activities or for just lounging around


  • The stitching on the elastic waistband gave out easily

The Verdict:

All things considered, I still really like my Champion Men’s Closed Bottom Lightweight Jersey Sweatpants. They’re comfortable, lightweight, and are a great fit for my activities. I had the waistband repaired for a stronger, more secure stitching, so I’ll be using this pair until they’re all worn out.

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