How to Get Lint Off Sweatpants

How to Get Lint Off Sweatpants

Lint sticking to your sweatpants is unsightly and gives you a bad look, especially if you are wearing a dark-colored pair of sweats that has light fuzz balls scattered everywhere. There are many reasons why lint ends up sticking to your sweatpants, but the most common is by doing the laundry wrong.

No matter how lint got attached to your clothing, it needs removal before you step out of the door. Don’t stress over those fuzz balls being a sight for sore eyes. You can easily learn how to get rid of lint off sweatpants by following these simple tips:

Tips on How to Get Lint Off Sweatpants

Tip 1: Wash using detergent with cellulase. Cellulase is a type of enzyme that effectively loosens lint and fuzz balls off your clothing. To further reduce lint on your sweats, wash them with only a few like-colored pieces of clothing or if possible, wash them on their own.

Tip 2: Machine dry. The tumbling of the clothes inside the dryer helps remove lint without you exerting any effort. If you have a dryer, use it to your advantage while removing those annoying fuzz balls.

Tip 3: Invest in a lint roller. Lint rollers are your best friend when it comes to effective lint removal. They are very cheap, easy to find, and easy to use. The adhesive sheets can be simply rolled on the sweatpants and the lint sticks to the sticky paper and you become lint free in no time.

Note: When you run out of the sticky paper, you can easily purchase a refill. For those who want to avoid buying refills, there are reusable lint rollers available too. The sticky gel works the same way as sticky sheets and you just wash the adhesive gel with a bit of soap and water when it accumulates too much dirt and lint.

Tip 4: The frugal lint remover. Not all of us want to spend on a lint roller nor do we always have the time to go out and buy one, especially if you want to wear the sweatpants on that day. If you have some packing tape at home, you can make your own lint remover using the tape and your hands. Simply wrap the tape around your fingers with sticky side facing out and viola; you have a DIY lint remover.

Pat down on the sweatpants where the lint has accumulated. The adhesiveness of the tape will pull the lint away from your sweats and leave you with a lint-free patch. Repeat the process until all the lint is gone.

Tip 5: The abrasive option. Sometimes the lint rollers, DIY, or store-bought options aren’t enough to get the lint off your sweatpants so you need something more abrasive. A pumice stone is the best option to use when trying to remove lint because it is abrasive enough to get rid of the fuzz, but not bad enough to damage your clothing. Simply run the stone on your sweats until the lint comes off.

Be extra careful when using something abrasive while learning how to get lint off sweatpants because it can snag on loose threads and cause running and other forms of damage.

Tip 6: Shaving lint off. This method is best reserved for pills and fuzz balls that are stuck deep in your sweatpants. Lint rollers aren’t effective against this form of lint and the abrasive pumice causes more harm than good. To do this, all you need is a sharp razor. Run it down a few inches over your sweats to get rid of the lint and regularly tap off the fuzz that has built up. Do this very gingerly or you can tear the fabric of your sweatpants by accident.

Alternatively, if you have money, you can invest in an electric lint shaver. It is safer to use on clothes since its main purpose is to shave off lint from fabric and not hair from skin.

Tip 7: Store clothes properly. This is the easiest way to prevent lint from sticking to your clothes. Separate garments that are prone to producing lint away from those that attract the fuzz balls.


Avoiding lint is impossible because it is naturally attracted to clothing. Keeping its presence at minimum is the best way to manage lint. There are many measures you can take to reduce lint formation and the tips mentioned above are just a few of them.

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