How To Style Sweatpants: Top Nine Ways

How To Style Sweatpants: Top Nine Ways

For decades, sweatpants have received a bad reputation as a piece of clothing that is best worn inside the home or during a workout. But those days are now over as we have seen many famous people who opt to go out in sweatpants, and yet remain fashionable. After all, one only needs to know how to style sweatpants to pull off an outfit that is chic and comfortable at the same time.

Pay Attention to the Top

The top is probably the first thing anyone would notice rather than the pair of pants you are wearing. You can be sitting down for most hours, and people would only see the top you are wearing. That said, you must pair your sweatpants with some fashionable tops to avoid looking lazy.

The options available are plenty. One can play around with different tops to create different looks and exude various moods when wearing sweatpants.

When choosing the top to go with your sweatpants, you may want to consider the style of the pants. Many fashion stylists would recommend going for a loose top when the pants are already form-fitting or wearing a fitted top when the bottom garment is loosely cut.

Go for the Sporty Look

Sweatpants are often used for sports. Thus, this piece of clothing is perfect if one chooses to go around looking sporty. All one needs to do is pair the pants with some rubber shoes as well as some gym shirt, and you are ready to go.

One can add some flair and drama to the sporty look by using some cropped top along with either some pair of sneakers or again the rubber shoes.

Casual is Also Perfect

If looking sporty is not your thing or perhaps you are looking for some laid back look, then use your sweatpants for a more casual look. The combination or ideas for some casual looks are plenty.

For example, you can layer your top by wearing a plain shirt and a flannel blouse over it.  You can also wear some flats and a lovely loosely fitted cotton blouse; thus using the sweatpants like you would use your jeans.

Going for Sexy

Who says sweatpants are for the shapeless and unafraid to show some skin and curves?Wear some fitting sweatpants with certain sexy pieces like spaghetti straps blouses. To complete the ensemble, go for some high heels to exude the sexy vibe.

Additionally, you can also show your toned abs by wearing a hanging blouse or some tank tops. Grab your sneakers or rubber shoes, too. Now, nobody can say that sweatpants are for plain boring and unflattering looks or the lazy people.

Grab That Jacket

Jackets are not just to keep us warm during cold weather. Indeed, jackets can be used to add some style to an otherwise boring outfit.

The same can be said if you are finding ways on how to style sweatpants. Go and grab some fancy-looking jacket, including leather ones if you wish, and head out in style.

The Professional Look

Yes, sweatpants can be worn to work, too. The key to pulling off the corporate look while wearing your sweatpants is to choose the top and shoes carefully.

Choose some blazer and wear your office pumps to look like you do mean business at work. And do not forget to pay attention to what you are wearing under the blazer. Remember that hanging blouses underneath are not allowed as you are dressing up for business.

Accessorize and Accessorize

How to style sweatpants is not all about the garment you choose to wear. Fashion experts would always say that the key to dressing to impress is to make sure that you accessorize to match your outfits. This fashion rule also applies when you are wearing your ever reliable sweatpants.

Feeling a bit playful? Why not try the style of Rihanna and use a bandana as your hair accessory? If a bandana is not your thing, and then opt to for different caps or bonnets to accessorize your head.

Take note that accessorizing your hair or head is not the only way to go. Wearing your sweatpants with some statement funky accessories like necklace or bangles adds some pizzaz to your outfit as well.

If you are feeling a bit mysterious or just plainly want to cover up your eyes, then grab your sunglasses and head out confidently in your sweatpants.

Boot Up

Boots are not only for protection. If you have been leafing through some fashion magazines, you would know that wearing boots is more often used for style rather than function. Boots, after all, in many cases can save an otherwise drab outfit!

That being said, choose some form-fitting or slim sweatpants and select some boots. What kind of boots to match with the sweatpants is really up to you. You can opt for some suede or leather ones, or you can choose stiletto boots or plain riding ones.

Prints are In

One does not need to stick to plain colored sweatpants. There are plenty of printed ones these days in the market to add more style to this piece of clothing.

If you are feeling girly, then go for the floral prints. If you are feeling bold or want some sexy prints, then the animal printed ones would be best for you. You can always choose  various types of prints that reflect your mood or personality.

How to Style Sweatpants: Old Rules No Longer Apply

There was a time when the fashion rules must be strictly adhered to. Those days are gone now as the old rules of fashion no longer apply. Women no longer have to match the color of their belt with their shoes or bag. One can also mix and match prints like wearing stripes with floral prints, which was once considered as a capital sin in the world of fashion.

The same can be said about wearing sweatpants. There was a time when sweatpants are only accepted when one is inside the home or when exercising. These days, sweatpants can be worn anywhere and by anyone.

Play around and mix and match when wearing sweatpants. Wear it for your usual errands, for some night outs and even at the office. Go ahead, and wear your sweatpants with style, and be proud!

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