How to Wash Sweatpants

How to Wash Sweatpants

For those people who actually use their sweatpants for working out and not just as lounge pajamas or casual wear, washing them after every workout session is a must. Leaving the sweat to accumulate is unhygienic and not advisable at all.

Washing your favorite sweatpants every now and again is the right thing to do, but it sometimes results in three common fabric damages: wearing out, fading out, or shrinking. If washed incorrectly, sweatpants can easily get damaged.

DIY Guide: How to Wash Sweatpants

The most common materials used in making sweatpants are French Terry, Cotton blends, and fleece. These three materials give it that signature warmth and softness that we all love and look for in the perfect pair of sweats. The problem with these types of materials is their vulnerability to get damaged during washes. They end up looking baggy and unattractive after a few washes, which isn’t very ideal.

If you want to prolong the life of your favorite pair of sweats, here’s how to wash sweatpants the right way:

Always Read the Tags

If you look inside your sweatpants right now, you will see that there is a tag. That’s not just for the branding and size. It also holds important information about washing instructions. Read the tag carefully to know how to properly wash your sweats.

It contains specific information about what to do and what not to do with your garment during washing. It may be tempting to cut it off and throw it away because the tag is usually itchy. However, read the tag before throwing it into the trash.

Check the Type of Material

Another reason why those tags are important is that they contain the information on what type of material blend your sweatpants are made of. Take note if it is cotton, fleece, or polyester. This will help you find the proper ways to wash your sweatpants that will not lead to damage.

Inside Out is Good

One common problem with machine washing your sweatpants is color fading. To prevent this from happening, turn the sweats inside out during the wash. Another reason to do this is to avoid excessive color bleeding and staining. Reduce the chances of irreversible damage on your sweatpants by doing this one simple step before starting the wash.

Unroll Cuffs and Empty Pockets

For those who have pockets on their sweatpants, making sure that they are empty is a must. You might have slipped a coin or a key inside the pockets and leaving them inside will cause damage to your sweats and also to the machine. If your sweats have elastic cuffs, unroll them to prevent pilling and to ensure they get washed thoroughly.

Use the Correct Water Temperature

Again, this goes back to the care tag of your sweats. It contains the recommended washing machine water temperature that will cause the least damage to your sweatpants.

Most likely, it will recommend using cold or at most, lukewarm water to prevent any shrinkage during the wash. Some brands may recommend washing the sweats in hot water, especially if the material and fabric used are prone to retaining moisture and odor.

Choose the Correct Wash Cycle Setting

The wash cycle you use matters. A gentle or delicate wash cycle is the best for soft materials that are prone to pilling. Again, follow the recommended cycle setting on the fabric care tag of your sweatpants.

Use Helpful Enzyme-Formulated, Color-Safe Laundry Detergent

If it is possible to wash your sweats with like colors, do so. Add detergent that contains cellulose. This is an enzyme that helps reduce the formation of lint. Choosing a color-safe laundry soap will also help preserve the natural and original color of you sweatpants for a long time.

Follow Drying Instructions to the Tee

The drying process is an important step that you should pay attention to. Using a dryer may be the easiest way to dry clothing, but it isn’t necessarily the best way to do so. Again, check the tag on your sweats to see what the best way to dry your garment is. Most will say to tumble dry on the low setting to reduce damage and shrinkage, while other will recommend hang drying your sweat pants.


The best tip on how to wash sweatpants properly is to follow the instructions on the tag that comes with the sweats. It will help preserve your sweatpants and allow you to use them for a long time while avoiding any damage and extreme wearing out.

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