Jump Into the Craze of Wearing Sweatpants With Built-in Socks Now

Jump Into the Craze of Wearing Sweatpants With Built-in Socks Now!

Do you have cold feet? Doesn’t it feel nice to wear something on your feet during a cold weather? Nothing beats drinking your hot chocolate while sitting on your couch feeling warm in your comfortable clothes. Normally, you would use a blanket and wrap yourself around it but then you’re stuck in there. Thanks to some genius who invented these sweatpants with built-in socks which allow you to have mobility while feeling warm.  

On this post, we will learn more about what these footed sweatpants are like and why you would want to have them. We all know that sweatpants are designed to be used on your workouts and gym exercises since they give you comfort and ease while you move and do physical activities. But, did you know that you can also use them when relaxing at home or when you go out to do errands while staying casual? Let’s go find out more about it!

Sweatpants With Built-in Socks: Why Wear Them?

Feejays sweatpants have been the talk of the town when it released the coziest sweatpants with feet. They are made of high-quality cotton and polyester fabric which make you feel warm and comfortable from your waist down to your feet. They come with drawstring waistband and pockets, just like other sweatpants.

Unlike onesies which can be a hassle when putting on and taking off, these footed sweatpants keep your top free, plus they save you from having to remove the entire clothing when you need to go to the bathroom. Whether it is just one cold day or it’s the winter season, these pants will save you from feeling cold.

The Comfort Wear

Whenever you feel cold or sick, or when you experience leg cramps, you would almost always want to just stay at home and tuck yourself under your sheets. It is an instant reaction that makes you want to hide from everyone and just take care of yourself. Aside from wishing for a safe and warm environment, you carefully think about what to wear on these bed-weather situations.

Pajamas and onesies used to be among the top ones on the list. Of course, they are very comfortable to wear too, there is no questioning that. But the extra comfort that these footed sweatpants offer is what makes them more interesting. You can easily curl up on your bed or on your couch without worrying if your feet would suddenly slip out of the cover. You can also switch positions smoothly since you do not have to worry about keeping the sheet in place.

It is also a good choice for an everyday wear when you feel like it is a good idea to just stay home and watch Netflix all day, or if you plan to be productive and do chores. These sweatpants will allow you to move around easily while keeping you relaxed, warm, and comfortable.

Since sweatpants are known to be the most reliable workout clothing, you can also choose to wear these footed pants when you go out for a run, or when you go to the gym to exercise. Some also come with pockets so you can bring your essential stuff with you, and there are fabric materials suitable for exercises so you can stay dry.

The Fashion Wear

These sweatpants also come in different prints and styles. Aside from its promise to give you comfort and warmth, you can also rely on them when you want to look fashionable. You can wear them with a pair of shoes or boots that will match its style. You can also look extremely cute when you pair it with a nice hoodie and scarf on a winter season.

You can be creative too and try folding them up to your knees and wear them like trousers. You can use a top of your choice that matches the print of your sweatpants, or you can simply wear a hoodie or a sweatshirt to look fashionable. You can top that look with your favorite sneakers or rubber shoes.

The Casual Wear

There are times when you want to stay as casual as possible when you go out for a quick coffee at your favorite cafe, or when you do your groceries, pay your bills, go out shopping, or do other errands. These pants can definitely give you that casual feeling. It is that time when you do not have the chance to iron your clothes, or when you just simply want to put on a comfortable piece and then start your day.

You wear these sweatpants too when you go to your favorite pizza house for a midnight snack with your friends, or when you ride with your partner on a long drive, or when you sleep over your best friend’s house, or when you do late night walks with your dog.

The Verdict

Sweatpants with built-in socks may not be as popular these days, but they are out there. You can simply wear them, anytime and anywhere, however you choose to. Aside from the comfort and warmth that they give, you can also rely on them in many ways. They come in different styles and prints, and you can simply play around and match them with tops that can give you a fashionable or casual look.

You can also choose to wear them when you go out for a run or when you go to the gym for your exercise. You just have to consider the type of fabric when you intend to use them during your workouts because there are materials better equipped for this purpose. 

Overall, we can say that these sweatpants differ from the rest only because they have feet. But, they offer the same kind of comfort and warmth that other kinds of sweatpants give. Additionally, they can be used for fashion and casual purposes. It costs almost the same as the other sweatpants but it has that added built-in socks feature which you will surely want to experience.

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