Nike Mens Open Hem Fleece Club Sweatpants Review

Nike Mens Open Hem Fleece Club Sweatpants Review

Athletic wear has recently become the newest fashion trend for most of the younger generation. Gone are the days when sweatpants were reserved for staying at home or to be used as pajamas.

Today, many people go about their entire day in public while wearing these comfy pieces of clothing. Who can blame them when these pants are so easy to wear and very comfy?

Despite being a popular choice for casual wear while doing errands and chores, the main purpose of sweatpants is still gym and workout use. This is primarily because of their ability to increase calorie burning while working out. Sweatpants are made of materials that increase your body heat when you move.

This results in a lot more sweating as compared to other clothing. The added body heat allows you to burn more calories while doing the same workout routine. Apart from using your sweatpants for lounging at home, use them during workout sessions too.

This review will cover the pros, cons, and different features of the Nike Mens Open Hem Fleece Club Sweatpants to give you a better idea of what to expect if you purchase this pair of sweatpants.

Features of the Nike Mens Open Hem Fleece Club Sweatpants                                

  • Made with synthetic materials
  • Soft and warm brushed-back fleece
  • Waistband is slim ribbed
  • Provides a clean look for gym rats
  • Embroidered Nike logo on the left hip
  • Open hemmed
  • Gives a nonrestrictive and relaxed fit
  • Machine washable
  • Made of 80% Cotton and 20% polyester material
  • Great for working out and casual at-home use
  • Simple and comfortable design
  • Neutral color
  • Soft to the touch


The relaxed fit of the Nike Mens Open Hem Fleece Club Sweatpants is a big plus of these sweatpants. It gives a great silhouette to men who are a little conscious about their figure while working out at the gym.

The insides are lined with a soft and warm fleece material that encourages the rise of body temperature and increases sweating and calorie burning. They are so efficient and comfortable that many men find themselves using these sweatpants for more than just working out. In fact, their soft texture and warm comfort also make them the perfect lounge pants.

Another pro of the Nike Mens Open Hem Fleece Club Sweatpants is the relaxed fit due to the open hems. This does not affect movement while working out and does not become restricting even while performing difficult exercises. Men who wear these sweatpants while working out find that they are perfect for every form of workout routine.

You do not have to worry about ripping or getting too restrictive on the ankles. The open hems are also so perfectly sized that they are not too wide to create a bell-bottom look that is not form-fitting. They are perfect for men who want to look relaxed at the gym without compromising their aesthetics.

The waistband of the Nike Mens Open Hem Fleece Club Sweatpants is also an advantage worth noticing because it easily keeps the pants from falling without being too tight. They are easy to adjust to accommodate most sizes so if you’re losing weight, you can simply tighten the drawstring until the fit is perfect once again.

It is also a big advantage that the Nike Mens Open Hem Fleece Club Sweatpants are machine washable. This makes it easier to clean them right after working out. Simply chuck the pair in the washing machine, dry it and you’re ready to wear it once more – efficiency and style in one pair of sweatpants. Moreover, they’re fairly priced, meaning you can buy more than one pair just in case you don’t want to do the laundry right away.


One big disadvantage of the Nike Mens Open Hem Fleece Club Sweatpants is the length of the pants. They are a bit short and men with taller statures cannot wear them without looking silly. The sizes of these sweatpants run a little smaller than they are listed so this might be a problem for some buyers. Take note of the different available sizes and measure your waist and leg length before making a purchase to make sure that you order the right size.


When it comes to comfort, style, functionality, and affordability the Nike Mens Open Hem Fleece Club Sweatpants is the way to go for sweatpants. Because these sweatpants are so comfortable to wear, you will find yourself buying another pair just to use around the house.

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