PUMA Men’s Evo T7 Sweatpants Review

PUMA Men’s Evo T7 Sweatpants Review

Over the years, sweatpants have become more than just sports or workout attire. Just throw them on for a lazy day, and you’re almost good to go. Why, “almost”? Sweatpants are effortless, but they’re not effortlessly cool.

Most of the time, you have to wear them strategically with a nice top or a pair of stylish shoes to be able to get away with them. But you can make it work by choosing the right style.

Regular gym sweatpants are usually cut straight and loose all the way down to the ankles. They don’t provide any definition to your body whatsoever, making you look sloppy and lazy, which is not what you’re going for when you want to look great.

The key to building an eye-catching outfit around sweatpants is to go for tailored ones. Tailored sweatpants start from your typical loose garment around the waist but taper down to slimmer, more fitted legs.

They look just as comfortable as your standard sweatpants, but the slim fit enhances and compliments the natural shape of your legs. It’s a nice, subtle change, but makes all the difference between sloppy and well put-together attire.

The PUMA Men’s Evo T7 Sweatpants are everything you need to work out in style. They have the fit of tailored sweatpants for a casual day out, but are also perfect for your gym session later in the day.

Features of the PUMA Men’s Evo T7 Sweatpants

  • Elastic waistband with exterior drawstring
  • Slip hand pockets with additional zip pocket at back
  • Banded cuffs at the ankles
  • Fashionable
  • Machine-washable and dries flat
  • 100% polyester

Keep reading to see what Mike, a sweatpants lover, thinks of them.

I’m the type of person who wears sweatpants all the time. My friends often tease me for it, but I don’t care because I feel comfortable in them. It’s also really convenient to just wear a pair whenever I’m going out and not having to bother with denim or chinos. Sweatpants keep me feeling and looking cool.

One of my friends understands my sentiments, but advised me to wear something, “a little more appropriate.” As I said, I don’t usually care about what I look like to other people, but she said she knew of a style of sweatpants that “don’t look like sweatpants.” I was intrigued, so I let her accompany me to a shopping mall to get what she was talking about. First we found those tailored sweatpants that drop at the crotch with the legs like skinny jeans, and they were absolutely not my thing. Then we found the PUMA Men’s Evo T7 Sweatpants, and I guess that was a compromise.

I like the style of these sweatpants. They’re slim down to the ankle, so it’s not like my usual pairs, but I still look decent in them. I got three pairs, and I have been wearing them a lot in the past three weeks since purchasing them.

I feel as comfortable as I did in my old sweatpants, but they look ten times better. I can see now what my friends meant when they would say I used to look like a homeless person. That’s no longer the case, and they actually complimented me on it. The fit is really great, and it’s lightweight. They don’t feel baggy or saggy at all.

Washing them is not a challenge. I just throw them in the washing machine and dryer every two uses, and they are clean afterward without shrinking. I’ve read somewhere that cotton is the number one culprit for shrinkage, so maybe these have very little cotton or none at all.

The pockets are also really nice. They are deep enough that I can walk around without being anxious about my wallet or phone falling out of them. The waistband really wraps around my waist well and doesn’t slide down, even with my phone, keys, and wallet in the pockets.

Another thing about the amazing waistband is that when I roll up the waistband a bit because the legs are a little too long for me, I can “lock it in” with the drawstring. They don’t fall or slide down no matter what. I guess they should improve on the length and their sizing in general, but other than that, I really love these PUMA sweatpants.


  • Comfortable, lightweight
  • Good-looking and fashionable
  • Great fit
  • Doesn’t feel saggy
  • Doesn’t stretch or shrink after washing
  • Easy to clean and wash
  • The waistband fits really nicely, the drawstring is sturdy


  • The legs are a little too long

The Verdict:

If you are like me who has (or wishes to have) a wardrobe made up entirely of sweatpants, get the PUMA Men’s Evo T7 Sweatpants. It’s everything I never thought I’d want and need in sweatpants.

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