What are Jogger Sweatpants

What are Jogger Sweatpants: Keeping Up with the Trend

We often hear the statement, you should be comfortable with what you wear. However, you will find a ton of people who would like to think otherwise. Fashion enthusiasts believe if it doesn’t hurt you, you aren’t doing it wrong. Nonetheless, one of the trends that are not only comfortable but also stylish is the jogger sweatpants. In fact, you see almost everyone sporting it, but not everyone really knows what are jogger sweatpants and how they can be worn stylishly.

What are Jogger Sweatpants: Their Evolution

People often tend to believe that jogger pants are a fairly new style. However, their evolution dates back to the year 1997. It was during this period when the shoes “Lugz” gained a lot of popularity. Since there is a tendency for people to step on their jeans when wearing the pair of shoes, several people began cinching their pants with rubber bands.

A year later, a similar look, wherein rolling the bottom of the jeans up was popularized by one person named James Todd Smith, more famously known as LL Cool J. So, this trend wasn’t called joggers back in the day. Brands put their own spin on this idea which basically was a clinched pair of jeans. That’s how today these have popularly become the jogger sweatpants, more commonly referred to as joggers, we know of.

The Way They are Worn

Initially, you would find jogger pants, worn by people who work out only. As they are basically tracking pants, they are super light, comfortable and are often made from materials like polyester or soft cotton. There was a time when if you had worn these pants in public, you would automatically turn into a social pariah and a walking fashion faux pas.

The jogger sweatpants trend is obviously at an all-time high these days, and these have become a norm for streetwear. We are certain that you will see these worn by high school students and even popular NBA all-stars. These are a great alternative to avoid wearing denim jeans that are rock hard or those uncomfortable and tight suit pants.

Wearing jogger sweatpants are quite easy as they tend to blend in any surrounding and yet look classy. You can perhaps sport a hoodie or even wear a smart casual coat, and yet you will look fancy.

The Style

Joggers in the past used to be quite loose and baggy. Since this is not the early 2000s and that is no longer fashionable, it is best to keep up with the existing trends. Hence, manufacturers of joggers have made them well-fitted and tapered around the leg. It is because of such fit why they are so versatile.

Best Ways to Style your Jogger Sweatpants 

Since joggers come in a variety of colors and kinds, you can wear it with different types of tops. So, we are going to give you our style expertise on how to make them look even cooler.


T-Shirts are considered to be a classic when it comes to men’s fashion. You can never go wrong with them, and they are incredibly versatile. You can rock a t-shirt with almost any bottom wear and best of all, it is supremely comfortable.

When it comes to joggers, a t-shirt along with them makes it the perfect outfit for a casual day. There are at least two ways to go about using t-shirts to style with your joggers. One is casual and the other is smart casual.

Casual t-shirts and joggers are a classic combo. This pairing is known to be one of the easiest ways to style, and the combo is what was originally intended for. Ideally, a monotone t-shirt along with plain black joggers is the best way to go. Make sure that the t-shirt is slim fit as it will complement the joggers well.

It’s may be hard to believe that there is something called smart casual when it comes to t-shirts, but there is a way to achieve a smart casual look.

This entirely depends on the kind of material and fit you opt for. The best way to achieve a smart casual look is by selecting joggers that are custom fitted. Make sure it isn’t too tight, or else, it will resemble leggings. The t-shirt you choose should be made from high-quality cotton and should always be slim fit.

Formal Shirts

Formal shirts may not be the first option when it comes to styling your joggers, but the combination of these two makes perfect sense, especially in a casual work environment. Just like the t-shirts, formal shirts can be styled casually as well as smart casual.

Pairing formal shirts along with joggers are actually quite easy. They can be worn in summers and winters since they are so versatile, and best of all, you can choose to wear them in multiple ways.

The shirt can be worn open, with sleeves down, half buttoned or with a t-shirt inside. There are numerous possibilities. The best way to pair joggers with a formal shirt to achieve a casual look is by wearing it with the sleeves rolled up.

Smart casual look for formal shirts and joggers obviously can’t be worn for an important meeting but can be worn probably on a casual Friday. The best way to make joggers into a smart casual look is by teaming it up with an Oxford long sleeves shirt.

Denim Jackets

Another brilliant way to make joggers look stylish is by teaming it up with a plain t-shirt and a denim jacket. Not only will it complement the entire look but also not take the show away from the joggers.


There are a variety of shoes you can choose to compliment your joggers. One of the best options is loafers or plimsolls. These kinds of shoes bring the entire outfit together and make it look very cool. Sports shoes like Air Jordan would also go well with joggers. It is important you select the kind of shoes depending on your entire outfit.

Final Conclusion 

For people who have been questioning what are jogger sweatpants, they are a stylish and comfortable pair of athletic pants that have evolved to become a fashion trend. We believe, this trend is here to stay for a very long time since you can always experiment with how it is worn.

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