What to Wear with Sweatpants

What to Wear with Sweatpants

Depending on whom you ask, sweatpants are either strictly for home and gym use or they make for a great casual wear.

There has been a long and consistent debate on whether people should wear their sweatpants in public or not. The short answer is, yes.

Daily wear: what to wear with sweatpants?

You can wear them wherever you want as long as you’re comfortable in them.  Then comes the question, “What to wear with sweatpants to look more fashionable instead of an awkward mess?”

Here are some great tips you can use to ensure you aren’t making any fashion mistakes while wearing your sweatpants in public:

Tip 1: Always Choose Fitted and Not Baggy

The first mistake people often make when wearing sweatpants as casual wear is the wrong size and fit of the sweatpants. Yes, a baggy and loose-fitting pair of sweats may feel comfortable, but they aren’t flattering and are better left at home.

Baggy sweatpants have a tendency of making you look squat and messy. Before you exit your home, do a mirror check. If any parts are sagging in the wrong places, the sweatpants are better off ditched than worn.

This can also apply to wearing sweatpants at the gym or for working out. A baggy pair of sweatpants will restrict your movement and slow you down. Unless you want to make a fashion statement that you are disheveled, baggy pants are a big fashion faux pas.

Tip 2: Mix and Match Monochromatic Colors

The biggest names in fashion are now sporting athletic wear as casual wear and you can take some cues on what to wear and what not to wear. Going monochromatic makes the sportswear more attractive and less tacky. Try sticking to neutral colors such as black and shades of gray for both top and bottom to give yourself more of an edge without standing out like a sore thumb in public.

Tip 3: Look Beyond Fleece Material

The most common material used for making sweatpants is fleece. This gives them its signature soft texture and capability to keep wearers warm. The drawback of fleece sweatpants is that they aren’t very flattering for everyone.

If you plan to use your sweatpants for more than just your workout routine or your jog around the park, look into sweatpants made with different materials. The most popular combination is a mix of cotton and polyester. These types of sweatpants don’t scream “workout clothes” but are attractive enough to pass for appropriate casual wear.

Moreover, sweats that are made with a combination of different materials are more lightweight, flexible, and breathable in nature. This allows you to wear them during workout sessions without feeling like you are overheating.

Tip 4: Accessorize Appropriately

The main reason why sweatpants have a bad reputation for being too casual and inappropriate as casual wear is their plain and mundane look. By adding the right accessories and looking trendy with the help of a great pair of shades, the right necklace, and even a nice coat or jacket, you look fashionable even while wearing your favorite pair of sweatpants. However, take note that putting on too many accessories at once is also considered a faux pas by many fashionistas. Don’t go overboard with the layers to avoid overwhelming the public with your bold choice of outfits.

Tip 5: It’s All About the Shoes

Wearing the right pair of shoes that matches your sweats will give you an edge. Since sweatpants look too comfortable and casual, pairing them with a nice pair of heels for the ladies and a good pair of sneakers for the gents really helps with pulling off the entire outfit.

Avoid wearing flip-flops and Ugg boots when you are in your sweats because it just screams sloppy and messy. Unless you are going for that look, it’s better to wear the right kind of shoes.

Tip 6: Work It

What to wear with sweatpants to fully pull off the look? Confidence. If you are comfortable with how you look and you believe that you look great, your entire posture and the way you carry yourself will change. Walking tall and with confidence is the best way to wear sweatpants in public. Don’t doubt your choice of sweatpants and the rest of your outfit as well. If celebrities are doing it left and right, why can’t you?

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